An overview of a modern baby jogging stroller!

An overview of a modern baby jogging stroller!

You are being introduced to an overview of basic features of a modern baby jogging stroller so that you can buy the best one.

a)    Five-point harness

The first feature you need to know is five-point harness. It must go above your baby’s shoulders, between its legs, and across its hips so as to protect it while sitting back in the chair to reduce the chances of getting wounded in case of a falling accident.

The five point harness must resemble the one found in the seats of infant cars. The five point harness is inevitable as the stroller is subject to a sudden flip because of your mistake or a defective assembly of the front wheel. Better be safe than sorry.

b)    Safety tether

Now comes safety tether which is meant to provide your baby all the possible safety in a way that it is built-in a safety strap with its one end connected to the wrist and the second one to the stroller.

If the user abruptly lets the handle slip away from their hands nearby water reservoir, swimming pool, busy road, traffic etc, the strap will save your baby’s life by preventing the stroller from getting away from the hands. Thus, the baby will be found unharmed. So, five point harness and safety tether are two basic features.

c)     Parking brake

We’ll carry on with the interesting features meanwhile you can check out this informative site as well:

After the two important features, you need to understand the third one which is parking brake. Whenever you need to park the stroller, you must engage the parking brake by double checking it. For moving the stroller backward and forward, you can check twice to ensure the brake engages completely, prior to letting go.

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