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Is your current home in the need of a remodel?

Is your current home in the need of a remodel?

If you are interested in Cyprus construction loans and need information on good authority, here’s a piece of writing to help you out!

To begin with, it is all right to search on the internet and then contact various construction and loan advisers as a help towards an understanding of interest rates, payment period, application procedure and more. Cyprus construction loans are available in all the major cities.

Features & terms

Once you think one of the financial agencies can be accepted, you will need to read features and terms of their customized construction loan program. A reliable loan agency should offer you the following terms and features.

  • One year terms
  • 24 draw procedure
  • Around 95 percent LTV of appraised value
  • Fixed interest rate
  • 100% funding
  • Local underwriting
  • Construction loan along with permanent financing
  • Specific forms for all unincorporated subs and suppliers
  • Each payment contains mechanic lien waivers

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